PR and Digital Marketing Services

EvolveMKD takes being a part of your team seriously.

We operate as an extension of your Marketing, PR and brand teams, getting to know your product or service, your work, and your target audience. We work directly with you to develop an effective campaign within your practice area, strengthening the connection between you and your customers.

Campaign Measurements and Analytics

At EvolveMKD, we believe that it only counts if you can count it. But not everything counts. We measure what matters to building our clients’ business. But it is not just to prove value; it is to drive continuous improvement in business results and better and healthier lives for our clients’ customers.

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Proprietary Measurement Framework + Reporting

Providing custom measurement solutions inclusive of weekly + monthly reporting, highlighting key metrics such as tracking against KPIs, insights linked to communication and business goals

Media & Social Listening + Monitoring

Access to industry leading analytics tools to provide in-depth listening and monitoring for traditional, social, influencer, and digital media

Competitive Analytics

Monitoring & listening to clients’ peers, competitors, and the broader industry to contextualize clients’ performance, develop benchmarks, and strategize within the landscape

Custom Surveys

Conducting brand tracking, publicity & thought leadership surveys, and market research to develop proprietary data ownable to use for PR, digital, social, and internal strategy

Audience Insights + Segmentation

Developing audience personas and segments based on market research, media consumption, lifestyle statements, demographics, and more

Narrative + Message Testing

Deploying testing methods with key audiences around overarching narratives, targeted messaging, and the appropriate methods for communicating those messages

Influencer Relationship Management

The success of your business starts with strong professional relationships. We nurture your relationship with clients, the media, potential and existing investors, social media influencers, and internal stakeholders for you. Make us your partner for influencer relations. We’ll lead you to long-term success.

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Organic Product Seeding

By sending products and a personalized card to influencers who have a large social following, we can activate organic brand awareness and buzz generation.

Relationship Management

We take charge of influencer relationship management for you. Leave the strategic briefing, content coordination, and usage rights negotiation to us.

Identification + Campaign Activation

Large-scale multi-tiered influencer campaigns have never been easier. From strategic planning to campaign activation and monitoring, we’ll handle all of it.

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Team up with EvolveMKD for your digital and social media marketing needs. You’ll discover that our social media agency in NYC is more than a service provider. We take ownership of each campaign we work on. So, you can rest assured that we’ll help you solve all business challenges that come your way.


Social media is arguably the easiest way to reach out to your target market and engage with your existing customers. You need a strong digital and social media presence if you want to stay on the minds of your audience. This is where we step in. We create a campaign that effectively conveys your message.


Our team doesn’t have a short-term vision. Rather, we implement strategies that ensure your long-term success. We deliver tangible results that earn your trust and boost your social media presence and relevance.


Let’s discuss your digital and social media needs. We’ll lay down proven solutions for you.

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Social Media Strategy

An effective social media marketing campaign has a well-defined target audience and social business objectives. It should have clear content strategies and a regular posting cadence.

Content Development

Our NYC-based social media management team creates content that reflects your brand identity and overall digital strategy. We share your message the way you would.

Community + Channel Management

It’s not enough that you post regularly on your social media channels. Our team takes charge of community and channel management responsibilities that are in line with your content calendar.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a mix of organic content and paid ads that boost awareness, engagement, fan acquisition, lead generation, conversion, and point of sale. We execute this flawlessly.

Digital Advertising

Let’s plan and implement digital campaigns that put your brand on the spotlight. We take care of programmatic, native advertising, display, and custom partnership integrations for you.

Sweepstakes + Partnerships

There’s more to sweepstakes and contests than announcing the prices and the deadlines. We develop and execute sweepstakes and key brand partnerships that are beneficial for you.

Public Relations

EvolveMKD tells your story in an engaging and impactful manner. We understand how powerful narratives are, so we leverage our industry relationships and resources to give you unparalleled media coverage. We keep our finger on the pulse of current trends and events so that you can creatively and effectively communicate with your target market.

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Pre-Market Conditioning

Success doesn’t happen overnight, which is why every PR campaign starts with pre-market conditioning. Allow us to establish a solid foundation for your launch.


Let’s come up with a custom strategy to make your launch more engaging. Tell us about the new products, FDA approvals, and spokespeople you want to announce.

Media + Industry Relations

Our team handles national and regional media communications so you can focus on your message. We take charge of industry relationship management, too.

Event + Experiential Activations

Make sure your PR event stays in the mind of media and consumers. Let us create impactful experiences for your local, national, or global audience.

Thought Leadership + Partnerships

If you’re looking for thought leadership and partnerships that leave a lasting impression, let’s work together. Let’s ideate on launches and podium presentations.

Spokespeople Strategy + Amplification

Amplify your message and build brand credibility by leveraging the right ambassadors. Let’s look for influencers and key opinion leaders that match your brand.

Strategy and Brand Caretaking

EvolveMKD is passionate about brand management. We zero in on the smallest details that could affect your brand. We also take a step back to see the bigger picture and recognize what we need to do to get things done.


Our brand marketing agency in NYC proudly offers valuable consumer and industry insights that help your business grow. We know that strategic thinking is the way to achieve your business goals. Our team absorbs every bit of information that we can through customer engagement, competitor analysis, and the latest trends and events to shine the spotlight on your brand.


We also demonstrate full transparency, so you know the exact status of your campaign right now.

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Brand Positioning + Message Development

Our NYC-based brand reputation management team helps you develop your brand identity and story.

C-Suite Message Training + Reputation Management

Prepare your executives for thought leadership and witness their positive influence and public opinion.

Compliance + Regulations

Your legal, regulatory, and brand marketing teams work together to ensure adherence to industry guidelines.

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Megan leads a fearless team of driven, successful individuals who always deliver.
Heather Muir
Beauty Director at Real Simple & Health Magazine
What is special about the team is the in depth knowledge of products they represent, the quick response time and ultimate professionalism in all my interactions with the firm.
Paul Lorenc, MD
Plastic Surgeon
We have FUN working with them – EvolveMKD is more than a partner but a true extension of our team and brand.
Clint Carnell
CEO, The HydraFacial Company

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