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Campaign Measurements and Analytics

At EvolveMKD, we believe that it only counts if you can count it. But not everything counts. We measure what matters to building our clients’ business. But it is not just to prove value; it is to drive continuous improvement in business results and better and healthier lives for our clients’ customers.

Proprietary Measurement Framework + Reporting

Providing custom measurement solutions inclusive of weekly + monthly reporting, highlighting key metrics such as tracking against KPIs, insights linked to communication and business goals

Media & Social Listening + Monitoring

Access to industry leading analytics tools to provide in-depth listening and monitoring for traditional, social, influencer, and digital media

Competitive Analytics

Monitoring & listening to clients’ peers, competitors, and the broader industry to contextualize clients’ performance, develop benchmarks, and strategize within the landscape

Custom Surveys

Conducting brand tracking, publicity & thought leadership surveys, and market research to develop proprietary data ownable to use for PR, digital, social, and internal strategy

Audience Insights + Segmentation

Developing audience personas and segments based on market research, media consumption, lifestyle statements, demographics, and more

Narrative + Message Testing

Deploying testing methods with key audiences around overarching narratives, targeted messaging, and the appropriate methods for communicating those messages

Case Studies

Two ISDIN models

Case Study: ISDIN Competitive Audit

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CooperVision MiSight 1 day contact lenses

Case Study: CooperVision Audience Personas

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