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Influencer Relationship Management

The success of your business starts with strong professional relationships. We nurture your relationship with clients, the media, potential and existing investors, social media influencers, and internal stakeholders for you. Make us your partner for influencer relations. We’ll lead you to long-term success.

Organic Product Seeding

By sending products and a personalized card to influencers who have a large social following, we can activate organic brand awareness and buzz generation.

Relationship Management

We take charge of influencer relationship management for you. Leave the strategic briefing, content coordination, and usage rights negotiation to us.

Identification + Campaign Activation

Large-scale multi-tiered influencer campaigns have never been easier. From strategic planning to campaign activation and monitoring, we’ll handle all of it.

Case Studies

The Plaza Todd English picnic basket and offerings

Case Study: The Plaza Influencer Campaign

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Alex Costa speaking on miraDry

Case Study: miraDry Influencer Campaign

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