Here at EvolveMKD, we have long believed that communication has seen a drastic shift over the last decade, in part due to the rise of social media use that is now skyrocketing during the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to explore this shift, EvolveMKD conducted proprietary research for our Evolution of Communication study to further understand this change in communication over the last decade and its full impact. Our research not only proved our hypothesis, but also concluded that the impact is much more complicated than we originally believed.

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    The Evolution of Communication survey revealed the way we communicate has changed drastically over the last decade, and at no time is that more apparent than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our research showed that the change in communication over the last 10 years is linked to another change, a change in our mental health, especially among women. And while women have a reputation of being strong communicators, the reality is that women have been reporting greater declines than men in their mental health. The decline in mental health, especially for women, is likely contributed by several factors, but one link is clear from our research - communication plays a role in their mental health, and vice versa.


    of women who saw their mental health change in the last 10 years said it has gotten worse, compared to only 36% of men

    7 in 10

    women connect their mental health to how they communicate


    Among those who said it changed in the last year, 75% of women said it has gotten worse, compared to 49% of men

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    “As we see it, yet another monumental shift in communication will happen when the world starts to reopen, so we need to understand how this last year has changed women, and how we can make a positive difference in their lives moving forward.”

    - Meg Driscoll, CEO & Founder of EvolveMKD

    “EvolveMKD has done an incredible job at researching the link between communications and mental health to offer a whole new layer of professional expertise and services as a communications agency.”

    - Dr. Carter, CEO & Owner of Institute for HEALing

    “In today's digital-first environment, I urge you to resist the temptation to focus on quantity instead of quality - and always exercise judgment and restraint when it comes to online usage.”

    - Natalie Zfat, Social Media Expert, Speaker, and Host