PR and Marketing for Healthcare Providers in NYC

As healthcare services become more in-demand than ever, you might not have enough time for other things than to provide the quality care that your patients deserve. But this is also a time where a cohesive brand narrative is important to sustain your business’s competitive advantage and remain relevant in the long run.


EvolveMKD is more than your average marketing agency. Our healthcare PR and marketing firm in NYC understands the complexities of your industry. We know how the healthcare industry evolves and we stay on the lookout for trends and events that give you an edge on the competition.


Let us do this for you while you focus on helping your patients heal and recover.

Cover All Bases of Healthcare PR and Marketing

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving. And at times like these, it’s more important than ever for you to keep your focus on the patients. That’s what we’re here for. We provide comprehensive PR and marketing solutions that take care of internal and external communications for you.


Measurement and Analytics

The smallest details could make or break a business. We provide custom data measurement and analytics reporting so you know exactly where the campaign is at. We highlight your KPIs in relation to your business goals. We also conduct market segmentation and competitive analysis to have a better grasp of the narrative that best delivers your message.


Influencer Relations

A strong working relationship with the media, potential investors, and online influencers is sure to bring long-term success. Focus on looking after your clients while we nurture and develop these influencer relationships with you. We create large-scale influencer campaigns that boost brand awareness and public approval of your healthcare business.


Digital and Social Media

One of the best ways to reach out to your target audience is through social media. Allow our team to develop a social media strategy for you. We prepare a social media content calendar that remains on-brand. You can rest assured that we spread your message and interact with your target audience in the same exact way that you would.


Public Relations

Earn the trust and loyalty of your target audience by investing in a well-mapped PR campaign. From pre-market conditioning to customized communication activities, our PR services are designed to build your brand credibility. We stay updated with current healthcare trends and events that could help boost your business and brand image.


Let’s get started on your healthcare PR and marketing strategy today!

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Healthcare PR Case study

Let’s get started on your health care PR and marketing strategy today!

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