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Medical marijuana is becoming legal in more states. Pharmaceutical companies are spending more resources on cannabis research and clinical trials. The steady increase in cannabis products on the market results in greater business competition for you. Be a step ahead and get the media attention you deserve.


Make sure your legal cannabis, medical marijuana, and CBD products are available to the right audience. The best way for you to do this is to work with PR experts who are well-versed in the cannabis industry.


At EvolveMKD, we offer cannabis PR and marketing solutions that direct positive attention to your products. We cover all your bases to make sure you get the right people’s interest and loyalty.

Cover All Bases of Cannabis PR and Marketing

Blaze a trail in the cannabis industry. Create a clear-cut narrative that effectively delivers your brand’s message. Coordinate with the right journalists and influencers to promote your products. Be on the lookout for the latest trends that could affect business. And do it all with our NYC-based cannabis PR firm.

Focus on making your products the best on the market. We’ll take care of everything else.

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Cannabis PR case study

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