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Case Study: SGX NYC Social Media Strategy

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The Challenge

Our challenge was to grow the social media communities for SGX NYC and drive awareness and sales, as well as develop content for the SGX NYC Color Play product launch.

How We Got There

Our campaign centered in created ongoing, engaging content and conduct community management for SGX NYC Instagram and Facebook channels, as well as optimizing monthly content calendars using paid advertising and insights. The agency simultaneously conducted monthly organic product seeding to influencers who aligned with brand target audiences. For the Color Play launch, the EvolveMKD team executed a creative shoot to develop photo and video assets, including sourcing micro-influencers to serve as models, identifying and managing creative vendors, and overseeing production and content development.

The Results

INCREASED VISIBILITY: The campaign reached over 5MM organic influencer social media mentions through strategic product seeding and targeted micro-influencer engagement.


BUILT BRAND LOVE: The Color Play creative shoot resulted in over 38+ unique assets for use.


COMMUNITY BUILDING: The SGX NYC Instagram following increased by 62% over the course of three months post launch.

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