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Case Study: miraDry Influencer Campaign

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The Challenge

Our challenge was to educate consumers about the treatment, build brand awareness, and drive lead generation through the use of influencers.

How We Got There

We crafted a multi-channel influencer campaign with Alex Costa and Stephanie Ledda, two macro-influencers with heavy YouTube followings, to position the brand as a treatment for all young professionals. We produced and published educational content through influencers’ YouTube & Instagram channels and drove leads by offering a free consultation for those who followed our call to action.


The Results

INCREASED BRAND EXPOSURE: The campaign’s content was watched for a total of 543,700 minutes and resulted in 2.3 million impressions, and generated 70 user sign ups for a free consultation – a potential $140,000 profit if leads resulted in treatment.

DROVE SITE TRAFFIC: Our content had a 5% click-through rate – versus an average of 2.4% – and a spike in website traffic with 95.7% of users being new to the miraDry website.

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