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Case Study: ISDIN Competitive Audit

The Challenge

Our challenge was to put ISDIN’s success into context and understand how ISDIN media results compare to key competitors across core metrics.

How We Got There

The agency determined key metrics based in communication and business goals relevant to the client in order to collect and sample media coverage over a one year period. With this, we conducted a comprehensive & competitive deep dive with output metrics, outcome metrics, & key learnings, and shifted strategic recommendations based on these data points.

The Results

IDENTIFIED OWNABLE MOMENTS IN TIME: We identified key periods where ISDIN saw spikes in coverage, such as Melanoma Awareness Month, and developed a robust 360 activation around that tentpole to reach consumers in an impactful way when ISDIN is most relevant.


IDENTIFIED NEW KOLS TO REACH OUT TO: Evolve recommended targeting KOLs who provide competitors and other brands with significant coverage, as starting meaningful relationships between KOLs and the client plays a critical role in securing coverage.


DETERMINED IMPORTANCE OF RETAILER: As affiliate link programs continue to grow, media outlets are increasingly requiring Amazon links. Being able to offer editors ISDIN Amazon links will help to ensure the brand does not miss out on coverage.

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