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Case Study: CooperVision Audience Personas

The Challenge

Our challenge was to establish a consumer profile and persona to target for CooperVision’s Brilliant Futures campaign in order to understand who this audience is, the best place to reach them, and the right messages to reach them to build brand love & loyalty.

How We Got There

Starting with a review of existing research conducted by CooperVision, EvolveMKD scoured available and relevant third-party research around key audiences. Our team condensed and organized these data into actionable insights, creating two personas with descriptions, value and lifestyle statements, traditional and social media consumption patterns, and aspirational brands that resonate with personas.

The Results

DEBUNKED UNDERSTANDING OF TARGET AUDIENCES: The brand’s perception of their audience varied from their actual audience, and messaging was shifted in order to reach the real audience in an impactful way.


ENHANCED STRATEGY ACROSS AGENCY PARTNERS: The campaign shared personas and key opportunities to reach audiences with agency partners to confirm and/or shift direction.


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