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Case Study: CBD For Life Launch

The Challenge

Our challenge was to break into mainstream media with a non-traditional product launch to increase awareness, shift the conversation, and drive buzz for CBD For Life among key audiences.

How We Got There

EvolveMKD capitalized on national holidays and trends in media outreach and influencer seeding, aligning the brand with lifestyle and fitness influencers to demonstrate pain management benefits of CBD. We hosted media and influencer events for various new product launches, garnering short- & long-lead media coverage and immediate social buzz while simultaneously conducting customized product send-outs and one-on-one meetings across beauty, fitness and lifestyle media and influencers. Our team also connected the brand with new retail opportunities through physician relations, including product sales at dermatologist and chiropractor practices.

The Results

BOOSTED AWARENESS: The brand achieved more than 1 billion media impressions in first year of launch, with 50+ media and influencer attendees at the event and over 458 original stories since launch, as well as new retail opportunities.


BROADENED UNDERSTANDING: Organic product mentions on influencer social media channels, including reality Bravo and E! TV stars, helped build brand loyalty and understanding of product benefits among consumers.


PEAKED CONSUMER INTEREST: Our campaign built consumer interest in CBD For Life, steadily climbing month over month, spiking during the official product launch.

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