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EvolveMKD’s Leadership Team is made up of a multi-talented team of seasoned public relations and marketing pros drawn together by our desire to work and think differently. We’re armed with the talent to boost your brand and the tools to combat your greatest challenges. We’re veterans in brand, consumer, and digital marketing and communications. And we are right there with you, as an extension of your team.

megan driscoll
Megan Driscoll


Megan Driscoll is a sought-after strategic media and communications professional with nearly 19 years of experience in healthcare, aesthetics and dermatology, and prestige beauty. Key to her success is Megan’s ability to always find a way. Megan finds potential in every opportunity for her clients through determination, relationships, agility, and sound strategy coupled with a creative spirit. Megan has cultivated relationships with physicians, consumers, key opinion leaders and tastemakers to gain her clients national level recognition.  Megan wants to surround herself with smart, passionate people who value integrity–people who are serious about their work, but don’t take themselves too seriously. This philosophy is at the heart of founding EvolveMKD.

FUN FACT: Recently learned how to drive a truck, fish, and throw a spear all in the same weekend ?

Adeena Fried, Senior Vice President
Adeena Fried


Adeena Fried is an award-winning communications professional with over 20 years of experience in healthcare, aesthetics and plastic surgery. For Adeena aesthetics is the perfect combination of healthcare, science and beauty – always changing, always interesting, and always fun.

FUN FACT: Handed out medals at the Atlanta Olympics ?

Senior VP Digital Maggie Holmes
Maggie Holmes


Maggie oversees Evolve’s social media and digital capabilities which span creative campaigns, social and digital content, influencer marketing, and social media advertising. Previously, Maggie worked as the Vice President of Social & Digital at Sharp Communications; Director of Digital Strategy at M Booth; and as a Digital Strategist at H+K Strategies.

FUN FACT: Adrenaline seeker searching for her next ski adventure ?

Assistant VP of Research and Analytics Alex Christian
Alex Christian


Alex has over ten years of experience conducting research in global PR and communications agencies. Having worked on a breadth of research projects, from measuring and evaluating the impact of communications, developing data-based insights to inform brand and campaign strategies, conducting interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders, creating surveys to generate media and consumer buzz, and executing global thought leadership initiatives, Alex combines her love of PR with the data that informs it.

FUN FACT: Proud mom of one puppy, two horses, and six chicks ?

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